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2018 Nightboat Poetry Prize
Nightboat Books invites submissions to the 2018 Nightboat Poetry

Celebrating Green-Wood!

Book Launch for Lyric Multiples 

Book Launch for ESL or You Weren't Here!


2018 Nightboat Poetry Prize

Nightboat Books invites submissions to the 2018 Nightboat Poetry Prize!


NYABF 2018

The Nightboat Books team is pleased to announce that for the first time, we will be tabling at the New York Art Bookfair @ Moma PS1. We're tabling all four days from Sept 21-23 as well as hosting authors signings at our table & a reading:

Nightboat Books Internship Program Fall 2018

East Coast Launches for Jasmine Gibson's "Don't Let Them See Me Like This"

We are so thrilled to release Jasmine Gibson's debut collection "Don't Let Them See Me Like This" into the world this week!  

If you're on the east coast, definitely add these launch events to your calendar. Even if you have to take a bus.

New York Launch:

Starred PW Review

Nepantla: An Anthology for Queer Poets of Color just received a starred Publishers Weeky Review:


Bhanu Kapil, author of Ban en Banlieue is a featured artist alongside Khairani Barokka at the Printed Room at SALTS, Basel as curated by Harry Burke.

The Printed Room stages two simultaneous solo presentations, "Formiddable Sparkles" by Bhanu Kapil & "Selected Annahs" by Khairani Barokka. Conceptualized separately,

Prose Reading Period

Prose Reading Period Announcement Now Open Through July 31st!




Congrats to Rosamond S. King whose debut poetry collection Rock | Salt | Stone won the Lambda Award in Lesbian Poetry last night!

Rock | Salt | Stone on Lambda Literary

In anticipation of the Lambda Awards Ceremony, Jen Bervin, author of Silk Poems converses with Rosamond S King author of Rock | Salt | Stone up on the Lambda Literary blog.

Some Beheadings by Aditi Machado

Aditi Machado's debut collection Some Beheadings just won the 6th annual Believer Poetry Award! 

Here's what the judges had to sayabout the book:

Rachel Kushner in New York Magazine shouts out how Wayne Koestenbaum's Camp Marmalade is on her top list of things she can't live without!

Here's what she has to say about the book:

Acker by Douglas A Martin

We are so thrilled to post that Acker by Douglas A. Martin was just reviewed in the New York Times Book Review!

Here's an excerpt from the review:


We are thrilled to announce that applications for our Summer 2018 internship program are now open! Apply now & spend the summer working in all aspects of independent publishing at our office in Greenpoint, NY.

Nightboat Books Internship Program

Rosamond S. King slated to read at the 2018 Akilah Oliver Memorial Reader at Pratt Institute! This Thursday 29 March in Pratt Chapel, 7-8:30pm, Brooklyn, NY

This event is free & open to the public!

Some Beheadings by Aditi Machado

We are so proud to announce that Aditi Machado's debut collection Some Beheadings has been shortlisted for the Believer's Poetry Book Award!

Below are the editors' notes on their selection process:

MacArthur Park by Andrew Durbin

We just learned that MacArthur Park by Andrew Durbin is on the Believer's shortlist for the 2017 Fiction Book Award!

Below is the editors' note on their selection proccess:

AWP 2018

It's going to be an exciting, busy time at AWP in Tampa, FL for us this year. We're looking forward to the soft launch of NEPANTLA: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color ed. Christopher Soto, the release of Some Animal by Ely Shipley & Suelo Tide Cement by Christina Wega-Westhoff, as well as readings from some of our fabulous 2017 authors including Duriel E.

Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color

The first major literary anthology for queer poets of color in the United States is now available for preorder!

Dear Friends,

Kathy Acker

LitHub published a memorializing piece on Kathy Acker's deathversary "The Births and Deaths of Kathy Acker: How a Literary Icon Remixed Identity Again & Again" that features an excerpt of Douglas A Martin's

Acker by Douglas A Martin

Join us for the NYC book launch of ACKER by Douglas A. Martin on Monday, November 20th at Calicoon Fine Arts, with accompanying readings at 8pm by:

Wayne Koestenbaum
Dorothea Lasky 
Douglas A. Martin
Darcey Steinke

Duriel E. Harris author of No Dictionary of a Living Tongue

Here are some fabulous photos from last week's NYC book launch of No Dictionary of a Living Tongue by Duriel E Harris featuring:

Duriel E Harris
Tyehimba Jess
T'ai Freedom Ford
Wo Chan


Duriel E Harris, author of No Dictionary of a Living Tongue 

Silk Poems by Jen Bervin

Jen Bervin's fall title, Silk Poems, has just recieved a stunning new review from Constant Critic and two indepth interviews on Asymptote & Make/Time

MacArthur Park by Andrew Durbin

Andrew Durbin's debut novel MacArthur Park has received some exciting new press, we've aggregated it here for your convenience. 

Writers Who Love Too Much: New Narrative 1977-1997

An Interview with Kevin Killian

Etel Adnan


Field Theories by Samiya Bashir

Samiya Bashir Will Smash Your Definition of Poetry at TBAIn advance of 15 m = ?, the Portland poet talks race, gender, and survival as an artist of color

Field Theories by Samiya Bashir

The Physics of Race, History, and Everyday Life by Marcella Durand

Proxies by Brian Blanchfield

Biography & Memoir

Proxies by Brian Blanchfield — tumbleweed trajectories

A poet’s fragmented memoir reflects on language, identity and modern transience

10 HOURS AGO by: Houman Barekat 

Proxies by Brian Blanchfield

In August 2017, Picador Press reprinted Proxies: A Memoir in Twenty-Four Attempts by Brian Blanchfield! The Times Literary Supplement just reviewed the reprinted version:

MacArthur Park by Andrew Durbin

Please join us for the NYC launch of MacArthur Park, Andrew Durbin's debut novel on September 19th, 7PM at Petzel Gallery (456 W. 18th Street) in New York. 

Andrew Durbin

Lynne Tillman

Silk Poems by Jen Bervin

Congrats to Jen Bervin, author of Silk Poems, forthcoming in October for the starred review from Publisher's Weekly!

Alli Warren Author of I Love It Though

What (Else) Our Writers Are Reading This Summer

Ariel Goldberg, author of The Estrangement Principle

The staff at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon selected The Estrangement Principle by Ariel Goldberg as a staff favorite! Here's what they had to say about it:

The Estrangement Principle by Ariel Goldberg

Heather Love, the Sexuality Section Editor for Public Books selected The Estrangement Principle by Ariel Goldberg for the series On Our Nightst




VI KHI NAO: Your lack of line breaks or your internal line breaks are one of most compelling aspects of this poetry collection.

Alli Warren Author of I Love It Though

Caleb Beckwith: I’m eager to dive into individual poems from your new collection, I Love It Though (Nightboat 2017), but I thought it might be helpful to open our conversation with some reflections on the genre and conventions of book-length poetry publications.

Samiya Bashir


By: / July 19, 2017

The PEN Ten is PEN America’s weekly interview series.

Duriel E. Harris author of No Dictionary of a Living Tongue

Yale Chicago, The Silver Room and Seminary Co-op Bookstores invite you to join the party on Sunday, July 23, 2017, 2:30-4:30 at The Silver Room when we celebrate the release of No Dictionary of a Living Tongue by Chicago author Duriel E. Harris. Free admission.

WHAT I'M READING NOW...BY KENYATTA JEAN-PAUL GARCIA on Tarpaulin Sky featuring The Estrangement Principle by Ariel Goldberg

 Congrats to Aditi Machado author of Some Behadings & Jen Bervin author of Silk Poems on your Publisher's Weekly announcement for Fall poetry titles! We are excited to put these books out into the world:

Vincent Katz was recently interviewd by Thomas Fink for Dichtung Yammer about his book Swimming Home. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Jamie Townsend reviews I Love it Though by Alli Warren for The Boston Review. Here's an excerpt from the review:

Threnody by Juliet Patterson reviewed in New Pages by Ryo Yamaguchi

Jared Stanley, author of Ears, interviewed by Rob McLennan's Blog for 12 or 20 Questions:

Los Angeles Review of Books recently published, "On Longing, Listening and Levity: Lauren Levin Interviews Alli Warren", the second half of a two-part conversation between Alli Warren, author of

On Walking On by Cole Swensen recieved a glowing review in Booklist:

CLMP announced the finalists for the 2017 Firecracker Awards including 4 count 'em 4 Nightboat Titles!

The Estrangement Principle by Ariel Goldberg (Creative Non-fiction)

Field Theories by Samiya Bashir just reviewed by Barbar Hoffert for Library Journal's in an article titled,

The Devastation by Melissa Buzzeo just reviewed by LA Review of Books by Maria Damon!  

On Walking On by Cole Swensen

Don't miss the SF Book Launch for Cole Swensen's latest book, On Walking On with: Cole Swensen // Susan Gevirtz // Shiloh Jines

Simone White & Ariel Goldberg

NYC Poetry Project conspirators Simone White & Ariel Goldberg read at the SFSU Poetry Center on April 13th, 2017 billed as "Giant Night: The Poetry Project at 50, a Reading and Conversation"

Field Theories by Samiya Bashir

NYC event for Field Theories by Samiya Bashir is slated for Thursday May 25th, 2017, 6-8PM @ Callicoon Fine Arts!

Orlando White & Patrick James Dunagan

Orlando White receives the Poetry Center Book Award for LETTERRS (Nightboat Books) and reads with award judge Patrick James Dunagan at the SFSU Poetry Center !

Here's what Dunagan has to say about LETTERRS:

EARS by Jared Stanley

EARS by Jared Stanley just reviewed in Heavy Feather Review by former student Chris Muravez! 

Here's an excerpt:

Alli Warren Wonder Compressed

Alli Warren, author of I Love It Though is reading on June 3rd for the Oakland Public Library: 

The Estrangement Principle by Ariel Goldberg

The Estrangement Principle by Ariel Goldberg was just reviewed in The Brookly Rail! 

Here's an excerpt that highlights Goldberg's memory of their own queer art sociality experiences:

Brooklyn College featured Rosamond S. King, author of Rock | Salt | Stone, on their Poetic License piece on inspiring writers whose work transforms the world!

Here's an excerpt, but be sure to read it in full here:

Alli Warren, author of I Love It Though is about to set off on an east coast tour!
Jared Stanley author of EARS

Nightboat 2017 author Jared Stanley's recent release Ears, a book full of intimate somatics and desert sensorium, just received a featured review on News!

Start the Presses!
Announcing the 18th Annual New York City Independent Publishers Book Party

Ariel Goldberg, B&W Film Photo

Ariel Goldberg, author of the Estrangement Principle is back in the bay area this week for a reading at SFSU and hitting Bloomington, IN later this month!

Rosamond S. King

Rosamond S King, author of Rock | Salt | Stone is very busy travelling & performing this spring!

4/20 |  RSK is Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program Distinguished Alumnae Lecturer @ Barnard University, NYC, NY

"I Love it Though, Alli Warren’s follow-up to her collection Here Come the Warm Jets 

"'To live rejoicing and true-footed.

"I often forget that I am animal. Most summer evenings I usually encounter one or two rabbits outside of my apartment in Minneapolis. I fixate on these creatures, their chaotic bodies, their boldness as they just shuffle along calmly in middle of the street, though a car could come any moment.

"In EARS, Jared Stanley uses language to try, as much as one can try, to posit the self onto an invisible line. One where what is sensed, felt and remembered, is met at a crossroads between what the world gives hin, how he lets it in, and how he makes it public. Sometimes that line is tender, sometimes it's contemplative, and sometimes it's interrogated.

We're looking forward to this event on April 3 at Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop in Brooklyn, featuring readings by:

LETTERRS by Orlando White

Congrats to Orlando White for winning the Poetry Center Book Award for LETTERRS (Nightboat 2015)

Lambda Literary Nominations

We are so proud to announce that four of our 2016 titles have been nominated for the Lambda Literary Award. 

Here's what Lambda has to say about the award:

"Because bodies are not rocks but get weighed down by them when tossed into the ocean to drown. Because bodies are not consumed by mouths but are covered in salty sweat and can be beaten like meat.

In this electrifying collection, Bashir co-opts the vernacular of thermodynamics to generate clever,ambitious poems: “We call it dark matter because it doesn’t interact with light”; “Blackbody curve”; and,  

Congratulations to Juliet Patterson, author of Threnodynominated for Publishing Triangle's  Audre Lorde Award for Lesbian Po

"Throughout Etel’s literary and artistic career, which has lasted over six decades, she has constantly endeavored to deconstruct questions of language. This quest has its roots in her family history; whenever she is asked about Arabic, she refers to her parents’ house in Beirut, and recalls her Greek mother and Syrian father, who met through the Turkish language.

New reviews in Publishers Weekly of Field Theories by Samiya Bashir, Rock | Salt | Stone by Rosamond S. King and I Love it Though by Alli Warren

This new publication restores to print a vital text from Mayer (Eating the Colors of a Lineup of Words), a powerful treatise about balancing identities and conceiving both children and works of art.

We are pleased to announce we have chosen the manuscript Suelo Tide Cement by Christina Vega-Westhoff of Buffalo, NY, as the winner of this year’s Nightboat Poetry Prize. Her manuscript will be published in Spring 2018.

Nightboat Books will be participating in 3 offsite events at this year's AWP conference in Washington DC.

We will also have a booth at the bookfair (#458), so come by and say, "Hi". We look forward to seeing you there!

"Burn Book by Felix Bernstein is performative; the works in the collection act.

"In stanzas as flippant as they are philosophical, Vi Khi Nao shines light on the seasons of the body, its vastness, and the boundaries between

"A fragmentary, aphoristic examination of night in all its illuminating darkness from a Lebanese-American poet who is also an admired visual artist." - David Orr for The New York Times Book Review

"The Lebanese poet and philosopher meditates on origins and the divine in language as deep and strange as a forest at night." --The Boston Globe

Best Book of the Year by Garth Greenwell for 

Bhanu Kapil’s latest book begins with an annotated list of its contents, although some of those contents are only present in the list itself.

Congratulations to Nightboat authors: Vi Khi Nao, The Old PhilosopherEtel Adnan, NightBrenda Iijima, Remembering Animals

Cynthia Atkins: In your new collection, The Old Philosopher, you seem to be interested in embarking on territories that are at once both spiritual and material.

Bruised binaries: a review of Fleshgraphs by Brynne Rebele-Henry 

Twenty-Eight Things I Wrote in the Margins of Brian Blanchfield’s PROXIES

"Seattle-based poet Maged Zaher likes to send his poems swimming in this very fathomless arroyo, like the small, yet ancient pupfish of Death Valley, which I had the privilege and delight of saying hi to earlier this year.

"Edmund White lauded Britton for inventing 'the tourism of the mind': Britton characterized his poems as a way 'to project oneself toward that point where one’s words cease to comment on any experience, but become an experience in and of themselves: empty of discursive content, perhaps but full of all manner of things language wants to say, but

"Adnan shows that “the divine” is both transcendent and material. Although God shows “an affinity” with human thinking and action, God lives in “total darkness,” without illumination, while “we” desire illumination — clarity.

"A meditative heir to Nie­tzsche’s aphorisms, Rilke’s 'Book of Hours' and the ­verses of Sufi mysticism, 'Night' is an intricate thread of reflections on pain and beauty.

"A million events happen around us every day—some imperceptible (the movement of atoms), some incomprehensibly large (a witnessed car accident, a family choosing produce in the grocery store)—yet, in familiarity, they become dulled. They lose focus.

Writer and translator Nathanaël’s (The Middle Notebooks) latest is a slim, obscure “scenario” in which philosophical musings on architecture, the photographic image, and epistemology are layered atop a bare-bones narrative foundation.

Nightboat Books invites submissions to the 2016 Nightboat Poetry Prize.

The winning poet receives $1,000, a standard royalty contract, and 25 fr

Joined by the specters of Helen of Troy, Sappho, and Cassandra, Grinnell (Portrait of a Lesser Subject) roams "the terroir, of amnesia," in her accomplished collection.

Responses, New writings, Flesh

"After publishing my Sixty Morning Talks interview collection, I have begun work on a more focused, single-press interview series, offering a comprehensive oral history (a cinéma vérité, in prose) of Nightboat Books’ diverse and ambitious output over its first decade of publication.

"Iijima (Early Linoleum) weaves biology, taxonomy, and eugenics with news reports, philosophy, and satire in a powerfully dissonant text that is concerned with inter- and intra-species barbarity.

Vi Khi Nao author of The Old Philospher will give three readings in New York over the next two weeks. Don't miss out!

Aug  5.

PROXIES: Essays Near Knowing made The Guardian's Best-of-Summer List! Garth Greenwell said about PROXIES, "I’m not sure how to describe Brian Blanchfield’s Proxies: Essays Near Knowing, a collection of


"Reading experime

A thoughtful new review of PROXIES: Essays Near Knowing {A Reckoning} by Brian Blanchfield:

Michael Heller's preoccupation with spiritual contemplation through poetry is fiercely intellectual, as it is cautious: "No one can safely say where the sacred leaves off, where the profane begins," he writes in "Mappah," the collection's opening poem.

Congratulations! to Dawn Lundy Martin on winning the LAMBDA Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry for her book LIFE IN A BOX IS A PRETTY LIFE. So well deserved!

Here's Katie Ebbitt on The Devastation by Melissa Buzzeo

"Christopher Bram: To begin at the beginning, who was Donald Britton?

The Old Philosopher

"Fiction writer Nao (Swans in Half Mourning), winner of the 2014 Nightboat

Congratulations to Nathanäel, winner of the first ever Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature.

Nightboat Books Launch

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 from 6:30-8pm

Listen to a radio interview with Brian Blanchfield on his book PROXIES: Essays Near Knowing for

Congratulations to Gabriella Klein, author of Land Sparingwhich was nominated as a finalist for the 85th Annual 

Congratulations to Brian Blanchfield, winner of the 2016 Whiting Award for Non Fiction for his book Proxies: Essays Near Knowing (A Reckoning).

AWP, the behemoth of poetry conferences, is nearly upon us. This year poets descend on Los Angeles. Prepare yourselves... and mark your calendars for two exciting Nightboat Books off-site events.

You may feel compelled to split your body in twain to experience both of these events, because they are happening at virtually the same time, BUT we must advise against that. Choose wisely!



Winner: Duriel E. Harris

No Dictionary of a Living Tongue

CONGRATULATIONS to Dawn Lundy Martin, author of, LIFE IN A BOX IS A PRETTY LIFE and Melissa Buzzeo, author of THE DEVASTATION who have been nominated for

"I am on the TGV Lyria from Paris to Mulhouse reading Cole Swensen’s newest poetry collection, Landscapes on a Train.

Both Vincent Katz and Carter Ratcliff have recently published new books: Katz’s Swimming Home (Nightboat Books) in May, and Ratcliff’s Tequila Mockingbird in June.

Congratulations to Brian Blanchfield for a stellar starred review in Publishers Weekly this week for his forthcoming book of essays, PROXIES: ESSAYS NEAR KNOWING.

Burn Book by Felix Bernstein

Join Nightboat Books to celebrate the publication of

Burn Book
by Felix Bernstein

DIESEL, A Bookstore will host Joanne Kyger as she reads selections from and signs her Nightboat Books re-issue of The Japan and India Journals, 1960-1964, on Thursday,

"...At times, The Pink Trance Notebooks sounds like that great litany of vintage queer and near-queer interludes, Joe Brainard’s slyly prosaic I Remember (1970), except that Koestenbaum’s swish-kid memory flashes are also excuses for lexical oddity and delight.

Please help us welcome BURN BOOK by Felix Bernstein into the world!

Check out this book trailer for Burn Book by Felix Bernstein out next week! 


Both Vincent Katz and Carter Ratcliff have recently published new books: Katz’s Swimming Home (Nightboat Books) in May, and Ratcliff’s Tequila Mockingbird (Barrytown/Station Hill Press) in June.

"JM: I work with textiles, and there’s a huge body of thinking about textiles and touch.

"DLM: I always want to say, whose experimentalism? Whose avant-garde? Who has the right to define these terms and for whom? Sometimes I teach a graduate course titled “Black Radical Poetry,” which charts a course from, and relation between, black modernism and black contemporary experimental poetry.

Join us for an evening with Nightboat Books featuring readings by West Coast and near-West authors: Orlando White, Gabriella Klein, John Sakkis and Cole Swensen at The Green Arcade Bookstore in San Francisco.

Matt Longabucco interviews Stacy Szymaszek about her new book hart island for The Conversant:

And so we enter Orlando White’s meditative, intelligent, and echoing second book, LETTERRS, both a collection of unsettling silence and precise clangor.

"Slim and strangely musical, this collection of lyric essays by prolific writer Nathanaël (Sisyphus, Outdone) serves as a sustained investigation of translation, photography, death, divergence, and intimacy, among other subjects...."

Wayne Koestenbaum in Conversation with Phillip Griffith for The Brooklyn Rail:

Last week, Bhanu Kapil, author of Ban en Banlieue featured Melissa Buzzeo, author of The Devastation for her blog, Jackkerouacispunjabi in a part review, part interview, part intimate conversation between real friends. 

Brandon Som's The Tribute Horse Selected as a FINALIST for the 2015 PEN Center USA Literary Award for Poetry.

Nightboat Books is delighted to announce the winner of the 11th annual Nightboat Poetry Prize competition: Vi Khi Nao of Iowa City, Iowa, whose manuscript The Old Philosopher was selected by the editors. She will receive the $1,000 prize in addition to the publication of her book by Nightboat Books in April 2016.

Alan Ramón Clinton reviews Paolo Javier's Court of the Dragon for The Volta

Andy Fitch interviews John Sakkis, author of The Islands for The Conversant.

On September 21st, The Kitchen will help us celebrate the release of Wayne Koestenbaum’s new book, The Pink Trance Notebooks, arriving in October.  A sequence of 34 intimate epigrammatic

Judith Goldman reviews Jill Magi's LABOR for Drunken Boat


Gabriella Klein, winner of the 2015 Nightboat Poetry Prize for her first book of poetry, Land Sparing, interviewed in the Santa Barbara Independent this week. 

Reading on August 2

Rock Valley One-Room Schoolhouse, in conjunction with Nightboat Books, presents a reading featuring


Davy Knittle reviews Ban en Banlieu by Bhanu Kapil as part of his "Summer Poetry Reads".

As you may know, the inimitable Kevin Killian has written over 1000 reviews for, for books, movies, even house hold items, and managing to warp the review as form each time. So, think how lucky John Sakkis must feel, garnering his very own Kevin Killian Amazon Review for The Islands this week, and making all young writers (heck, any writer) so, so jealous in the process.

This week The New York Times asked the question, "Must a book review take the form of prose — or can it be pure image

This week The New Yorker featured Paolo Javier, author of "Court of the Dragon" in a piece by Ian Frazier. 

Check out the feature titled, "A Poet Laureate of Queens" in The New Yorker.



Book Launch for Mellisa Buzzeo & Dawn Lundy Martin

Join Nightboat Books to celebrate the publication of

The Devastation by Melissa Buzzeo


Life in a Box Is a Pretty Life
by Dawn Lundy Martin


Nightboat Books will be at tables 1026 and 1028 in the AWP Bookfair.
Make sure to visit us during bookfair hours.

We'll also be part of two offsite readings. Both events are free; hope to see you there!

Fanny Howe

Fanny Howe is among ten authors being considered as finalists for this year's Man Booker International Prize. The £60,000 Prize is awarded every two years to a living author who has published fiction either originally in English or whose work is generally available in translation in the English language.

The full list of ten are:

The ten authors on the list are:

Collection Processed by Poets

Collection Processed by Poets: Five Writers Respond to the Wagner Labor Archive

The Tribute Horse by Brandon Som

Congratulation to Brandon Som, whose The Tribute Horse had recieved the 2015 Kate Tufts Discovery Award!

The Kate Tufts is awarded annually by Claremont Graduate University "for a first book by a poet of genuine promise."

Nightboat Books

Nightboat Books invites submissions to the 2014 Nightboat Poetry Prize.

Mature Themes by Andrew Durbin

Join this Friday, September 26th, at 7pm, to celebrate the publication of Mature Themes by Andrew Durbin at the New Museum, 235 Bowery, New York City. Tickets can be purchased here.

National Book Awards Longlist

A Several World by Brian Blanchfield has been named to the 2014 National Book Award Longlist for Poetry. See the full list here. Congratulations to Brian!

A Several World by Brian Blanchfield

Congratulations to Brian Blanchfield, whose book A Several World, has been awarded the James Laughlin Award from the Academy of American Poets "to recognize a superior second book of poetry by an American poet." The judges were Lee Ann Brown, Tina Chang, and C.S. Giscombe.

Jill Magi

Wednesday June 4, 7pm: Jill Magi read with Jen Hofer and Paolo Javier  at Berl’s Poetry Shop

Hervé Guibert

Please join us on Thursday, May 29, from 6-8pm, to celebrate the publication of Hervé Guibert's The Masoulem of Lovers, Journals 1976-1991, translated by Nathanaël, at Callicoon Fine Arts, 49 Delancey Street, New York


Start the Presses!
Announcing the 12th Annual NYC

Drift by Caroline Bergvall

Please join us to celebrate the publication of

by Caroline Bergvall

Special guests
Charles Bernstein
Stacy Szymaszek

join Caroline Bergvall

Sunday, April 27, 2-4pm
Reading starts at 3pm

Who That Divines by Laura Moriarty

Join us on Friday, April 11, 7:30pm at Green Arcade Books, 1680 Market Street, San Francisco

Monkeys, Minor Planet, Average Star

Nightboat Books and Callicoon Fine Arts present an evening of performance & poetry

Gabriella Klein

Nightboat Books is delighted to announce the winner of the 10th annual Nightboat Poetry Prize competition: Gabriella Klein of Santa Barbara, California, whose manuscript Land Sparing was selected by the editors. She will receive the $1,000 prize in addition to the publication of her book by Nightboat Books in April 2015.

Arundel Books

Nightboat Books Reading on Thursday, February 27, 6:30-8:00pm, Arundel Books, 214 First Avenue South, Seattle
with readings by Brian Blanchfield, Gracie Leavitt, Laura Moriarty, and Brandon Som


Visit our table in the Bookfair and join us at two offsite events:

Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics

On Wednesday, December 11, at 8pm, at The Poetry Project in New York City, join

Nightboat logo

Nightboat Books invites submissions to the 2013 Nightboat Poetry Prize.

The winning poet receives $1,000, a standard royalty contract, and 25 free copies of the published book.

Finalists are considered for future publication.

Judges: Kazim Ali and Stephen Motika (Nightboat Books Editors)

DEADLINE: Postmark or upload through November 15, 2013.

Fire Break by George Albon

Nightbout Books announces the publication of George Albon's new collection of poetry, Fire Break, a brilliant new poetic sequence from a leading innovative American poet. Fire Break is a suite of untitled lyric poems which move through a succession of present moments, bringing through the weave both hard-edged engagement and uncommon harmonics.

Rock Valley One-Room Schoolhouse

On Sunday, August 11, at 3pm, Rock Valley One-Room Schoolhouse and Nightboat Books Present A Poetry Reading With Three Poets


Rock Valley One-Room Schoolhouse

On Sunday, July 14, at 3pm

Rock Valley One-Room Schoolhouse and

Nightboat Books Presents

A Poetry Reading featuring Andrew Durbin, Paolo Javier & Jennifer W. Reeves



An old-fashioned reading period. No reading fee on this one. Nightboat Books is considering prose manuscripts during June and July 2013. Please familiarize yourself with Nightboat Books’s editorial affinities by checking out our titles. Buy our books! Read them!

An Ethic by Christina Davis

Please join Nightboat Books to celebrate the publication of

An Ethic By Christina Davis


Sea and Fog by Etel Adnan

This week Etel Adnan's Sea and Fog, published by Nightboat Books in 2012, won both the California Book Award for Poetry and the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry. Read about it on The Poetry Foundation's Harriet blog here.


Please visit the Nightboat Books table in the 2013 AWP Conference Bookfair. We're table U6.

Sisyphus, Outdone. Theatres of the Catastrophal

Nightboat Books is delighted to announce the publications of Sisyphus, Outdone. Theatres of the Catastrophal, the new book by Nathanaël.

A extensive interview about the book has just been published on Lemon Hound.

Brandon Som

Nightboat Books is delighted to announce the winner of the 9th annual Nightboat Poetry Prize competition: Brandon Som of Los Angeles, whose manuscript The Tribute Horse was selected by Kazim Ali. He will receive the $1,000 prize in addition to the publication of his book by Nightboat Books in April 2014.

Stacy Doris

Join us Wednesday, January 30, 2013, at 8pm at the Poetry Project, New York City, to celebrate the life and work of Stacy Doris (1962-2012). Readings by James Sherry, Lee Ann Brown, Rob Fitterman, Kim Rosenfield, Nada Gordon, Jena Osman, Ann Lauterbach, Cole Swensen, Laynie Browne, Charles Bernstein, Carol Mirakove, Julie Regan and Daria Fain.

Martha Ronk

Nightboat Books is delighted to announce the publication of Partially Kept by Martha Ronk.

Order it here.


New from the PEN American Center:

The PEN Translation Fund, now celebrating its ninth year, announced the winners of this year’s competition. From a field of 130 applicants, the Fund’s Advisory Board—Susan Bernofsky, Barbara Epler, Edwin Frank, Michael Reynolds, Richard Sieburth, Eliot Weinberger, and Natasha Wimmer, and chaired by Michael F. Moore—selected 12 projects, including:

Kazim Ali

Nightboat Books invites submissions to the 2012 Nightboat Poetry Prize.

The winning poet receives $1,000, a standard royalty contract, and 25 free copies of the published book.
Finalists are considered for future publication.

Etel Adnan

Please join us on Wedneday, September 19th, at 7pm at Callicoon Fine Arts, 124 Forsyth Street, Lower East Side (NYC) for a poetry reading to celebrate the publication of Adnan’s Sea and Fog. Beirut-based writer and critic Kaelen Wilson-Goldie and poet Stacy Szymaszek who will read from Adnan’s work.

Hilda Hilst

Please join us to celebrate the publication of

The Obsence Madame D
by Hilda Hilst
Translated by Nathanaël in collaboration with Rachel Gontijo Araújo
Introduction by John Keene

The first English-language translation by the Brazilian writer Hilda Hilst (1930-2004).

Boston Globe image

Rob's Halpern's Music for Porn has been reviewed by Michael Andor Brodeur in The Boston Globe. From the review: “Music for Porn is a sweeping, varied, ambitious work, as indicative of Halpern’s diverse array of poetic chops as of his fearless pursuit of ideas that (frequently) cross into territory that can’t be reprinted here.

Stacy Doris

For Stacy Doris
a day in celebration of the poet's life and work

• Thursday APRIL 19: Double Change collective in honor of Stacy Doris

featuring members of the Paris-based poetry collective Double Change: Abigail Lang and Sarah Riggs,
with Norma Cole and Cole Swensen

4:30 pm @ Humanities Symposium Room, HUM 587, SFSU, free

• preceded by a Tribute to Stacy Doris, 1962–2012
from the SFSU community

Christina Davis

Nightboat Books is delighted to announce the winner of the 8th annual Nightboat Poetry Prize competition: Christina Davis of Cambridge, Massachusetts, whose manuscript An Ethic: a Collection of Poems was selected by Forrest Gander. She will receive the $1,000 prize in addition to the publication of her book by Nightboat Books in April 2013.

Two Nightboat Titles Named LAMBDA Literary Awards Finalists

Two Nightboat Books Titles Are Named Finalists For the 24th Annual Lambda Literary Awards: A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos, edited by David Trinidad, and Discipline by Dawn Lundy Martin. The Lammy is the most prestigious and comprehensive literary award offered specifically to authors who write books about the LGBT experience. Congratulations to both David Trinidad and Dawn Lundy Martin.

Los Angeles Time Book Prizes Finalist

Dawn Lundy Martin's Discipline has been selected as a finalist for the 2011 Los Angeles Times Book Prize in Poetry. The winner will be announded on Friday, April 20, 2012, in a public ceremony in the Bovard Auditorium on the campus of USC.

Stacy Doris

The Poetry Center at San Francisco State University is holding three events in honor of Stacy Doris on Thursday, April 19: