Ariel Goldberg & Simone White Full Video From SFSU 4/13

SImone White & Ariel Goldberg
Ariel Goldberg & Simone White Full Video From SFSU 4/13

NYC Poetry Project conspirators Simone White & Ariel Goldberg read at the SFSU Poetry Center on April 13th, 2017 billed as "Giant Night: The Poetry Project at 50, a Reading and Conversation"

"A commemoration of the 50th anniversary of our sister institution The Poetry Project, located since 1966 at St. Marks Church in New York City, featuring readings by Poetry Project stalwarts—and outstanding poets and writers—Ariel Goldberg and Simone White. The Poetry Project has been hosting a platform of 50th anniversary events called Giant Night,  "encouraging us all to future-think our way into new lineages, pedagogies, and ways of seeing."

Nightboat author Ariel Goldberg read from their new book The Estrangement Principle

Praise for The Estrangement Principle from the Brooklyn Rail:

"Goldberg’s essay examines the category of “queer art” across a corpus of writing and visual art since the 1970s, examining the term as, among other uses, a marketing strategy, a utopian ideal, and an alibi for oppression similar to that found in straight institutions. In their quest to understand what makes something queer, and to consider whether or not that categorization is deserved, Goldberg became a roving reporter of the term, turning up at panels, reading series, film series, art exhibitions, and at archives and social gatherings that all claim the label. Their explorations touch on a variety of visual and performance artists and institutions" 

 Watch the full program here: