Field Theories by Samiya Bashir Reviewed in Portland Monthly

Field Theories by Samiya Bashir
Field Theories by Samiya Bashir Reviewed in Portland Monthly

Samiya Bashir Will Smash Your Definition of Poetry at TBAIn advance of 15 m = ?, the Portland poet talks race, gender, and survival as an artist of color

What, you may be wondering while browsing this year’s Time Based Art festival lineup, is 15 m = ? Here’s what we know: It features local poets Shayla Lawson and Dao Strom, with special guest Ronaldo V. Wilson and collaborating artist Roland Dahwen Wu, and involves Portland poet and Reed College professor Samiya Bashir overseeing an event that will guide poetry through space. You know, like a multi-dimensional poetry experience. Got it?

Maybe not, but in the grand tradition of TBA, it’s a boundary-pushing blend of art forms, and Bashir’s position at the helm is enough recommendation for many Portlanders familiar with her work (we published an original poem by Bashir last summer).

Bashir has long taken matters into her own hands as an artist. At age 19, when she realized no one was producing the kinds of plays she wanted to be a part of, she turned to writing in order to create things herself. “I just want to make my own things,” she says. “If nobody’s going to work with the things that exist or build the things that I want, then I’m just going to build them myself.”

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