Nathanaël Interview with The Argotist Online

Nathanaël Interview for The Argotist Online

Nathanaël, author of Pasolini's Our, was recently interviewed by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa for The Argotist Online. 

In the interview, Nathanaël admits, "It is complicated to account for Pasolini’s Our. This book, in some senses, does not exist, in that it is a texture or torn overlay by which it dislocates." Jane Joritz-Nakagawa inquires about the usage of imagery throughout the book, as well as Nathanaël's references. Nathanaël explains, "Since the work turns on translation’s double, which is itself several times removed, it could not abide a monolingual pretense, anymore than it could settle in a single set of (cultural) contexts (recognising, of course, the limitations that I bring to the work)."

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