The Volta

“To live rejoicing and true-footed. / A common prayer.” So begins a radiant debut, Land Sparing, Gabriella Klein’s sensual, intelligently felt lyric which turns our attention to a shining eco-poetical awareness, rooted in the beauty of the profoundly earth-bound yet anthropocentric. Exploring the mediated experiences of a hybridized natural world, Klein layers a lexical elegance of the empirical (“allometry and isometry”) with waves of passion coloring the intricacies of our relationships, at once ironically personal and playfully self-referential.

Klein’s lyric meditations on abstract or tangible structures, whether engineered or organic, immerses a vigilant reader in the open mindfulness of intimacy and delightful estrangement with distant echoes of Emily Dickinson’s ecstatic pulse and the fine handiwork of Jen Bervin’s exquisitely stitched texts.