The Diagram

I often forget that I am animal. Most summer evenings I usually encounter one or two rabbits outside of my apartment in Minneapolis. I fixate on these creatures, their chaotic bodies, their boldness as they just shuffle along calmly in middle of the street, though a car could come any moment.

The Volta

“To live rejoicing and true-footed. / A common prayer.” So begins a radiant debut, Land Sparing, Gabriella Klein’s sensual, intelligently felt lyric which turns our attention to a shining eco-poetical awareness, rooted in the beauty of the profoundly earth-bound yet anthropocentric.

4 Columns

Was it Chris Kraus’s Aliens & Anorexia or Dodie Bellamy’s The Letters of Mina Harker? Maybe Great Expectations by Kathy Acker. I can’t say for sure which was my first encounter with New Narrative, but I remember the thrum of exhilaration I got from it. I was twenty-five, studying fiction at Temple. Acker, Kraus, Bellamy—and later discoveries like Laurie Weeks, Kevin Killian, Lynne Tillman: whatever I thought I knew about writing, these writers challenged all of it.


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