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"This is a “‘Jewish’ poem alright,” Michael Heller writes in the second poem of Dianoia, the most recent collection to be added to his books 

Hyperallergic Reviews NIGHT by Etel Adnan

The danger of overusing the word “queer,” Goldberg argues, is that it upends its very intention to resist definition, while depoliticizing it and placing incredibly limiting boundaries around the expansive space “queer” purports to be. For instance, there’s been an increasing use of “queer” as a kind of disclaimer for one’s positionality in the world.


Because bodies are not rocks but get weighed down by them when tossed into the ocean to drown. Because bodies are not consumed by mouths but are covered in salty sweat and can be beaten like meat. Because bodies have mouths but can not always speak without being stoned and sometimes the mouths make the wrong shapes and so the bodies become demons then ghosts then demons then ghosts again. Because the bodies wash up on the shore and wash up still.


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