Chicago Review

Bhanu Kapil’s latest book begins with an annotated list of its contents, although some of those contents are only present in the list itself. Even “annotated list” might be misleading—each item appears on its own page, and the annotations are not just glosses but impacted narratives of each component’s genesis or eventual excision.

Minor Literatures

"Grasping one’s sense of selfhood is dependent on the selves around us and the way we project ourselves on other human beings, consciously or not. These other beings may also constitute themselves as mirrors that are, more often than not, cracked and not exactly self-flattering.

Alexandria Quarterly

"In her Ted Talk, Brenè Brown draws the conclusion that shame is different for men and women. For men, it’s shameful to appear weak. For women, it’s shameful to appear imperfect or unable to manage their lives. Vulnerability comes from overcoming shame and opening oneself up to “emotional risk,” as Brown calls it.


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