Seattle-based poet Maged Zaher likes to send his poems swimming in this very fathomless arroyo, like the small, yet ancient pupfish of Death Valley, which I had the privilege and delight of saying hi to earlier this year.

Hyperallergic, Matt Turner

Lebanese-American artist, philosopher, and poet Etel Adnan’s recent publication, 

Library Journal

Trained in philosophy, Beirut-born author/activist Adnan blends a meditation on the meaning of memory with memories themselves, dredged up from a long life. And surely night, her setting here, is the time for such dredging.

The New York Times

A meditative heir to Nie­tzsche’s aphorisms, Rilke’s "Book of Hours" and the ­verses of Sufi mysticism, "Night" is an intricate thread of reflections on pain and beauty.


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