In this electrifying collection, Bashir co-opts the vernacular of thermodynamics to generate clever,ambitious poems: “We call it dark matter because it doesn’t interact with light”; “Blackbody curve”; and,  of course, the titular “Field Theories.” Bashir plays with double meanings, unusual narrative structure, and 

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King (Island Bodies), an accomplished scholar and performer, opens her formally daring verse debut with a version of “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean,” recasting it to address Afro-Caribbean diasporas, and starring Yoruba deities Eshu, Oshun, and Ogun.

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In her third collection, Bashir (Gospeldisplays an intriguingly multivalent approach to the objectivities and subjectivities of black experience reflected in her multimedia collaborations. A series of recurring “coronagraphs” become a tunnel through which the figures of John Henry and his wife Polly Ann speak, forming a sonnet crown that brings new life to an American myth.


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