Field Theories
Poetry | $15.95
paperback, 128 pages, 6.25 x 8 in
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-937658-63-2

Field Theories wends its way through quantum mechanics, chicken wings, Newports, and love, melding blackbody theory (idealized perfect absorption vs. the whitebody’s idealized reflection) with live Black bodies. Woven through experimental lyrics is a heroic crown of sonnets that wonders about love, intent, identity, hybridity, and how we embody these interstices. Albert Murray said, “The second law of thermodynamics ain’t nothin’ but the blues.” So what is the blue of how we treat each other, ourselves, and the world, and of how the world treats us?

Field Theories is flush with blue notes, swung in the exercise and exorcism of blue devils. Our tongues are in the pitch black mouth she conjures and records. This is our music.” – Fred Moten 

“Samiya Bashir’s poems have a terrific edginess. Reclaim, notice, and repair through the exigencies poetry may present. That’s a theory. Be an alchemist of the quotidian and you will survive. Another theory. Quantum mechanics get ready. It is a trembling vital field this poet is traveling in.” – Anne Waldman

“This book splits the sky right open, swinging like a melody, swinging like a boxer, swinging on each elemental and freighted word to beat the devil.” – D.A. Powell

“Samiya Bashir’s Field Theories is science as only poetry can be. These poems are alive, are woman-truth, are burning darkly. Grab your shades. No: fire up your magnetosphere. This book is “blackbody radiation,” and you can’t handle it—but you’ve got to.” – Evie Shockley

“These inventive poems move across a range of psychicscapes, recentering black voices and bodies through blackbody theory and quantum mechanics, backyard meditation and bedroom lament. Bashir asks and shows with consummate artistry, what are the deep and hidden laws that divide and connect us?” – John Keene

 “These poems resonate as code rising from caverns of the unexpected. When listening to their seeming irregularity one thinks of Dolphy’s work where seeming fracture exists as portal to luminosity.” – Will Alexander