Essays,  Poetry,  | $12.95
paperback, 56 pages, 5 1/2 x 8
Publication Date: 2016
ISBN: 978-1-937658-53-3

A luminescent new book by one of our leading innovative writers

Etel Adnan’s evocative new book places night at its center to unearth memories held in the body, the spirit and the landscape. This striking new book continues Adnan’s meditative observation and inquiry into the experiences of her remarkable life.

"A fragmentary, aphoristic examination of night in all its illuminating darkness from a Lebanese-American poet who is also an admired visual artist." —David Orr, The New York Times Book Review (Best of 2016 Poetry)

“There are few lives that have charted the dislocations, tectonic shifts, passions, and innumerable heartbreaks of the modern Arab world more thoroughly than Etel Adnan… She is a writer of searing, sometimes surrealist heights.” —Negar Azimi, Artforum

In this deep, wise book - with which a reader might spend hours or years, and not count the difference - a venerable writer and thinker continues to turn over the meaning of existence, with its loves and sorrows and inevitable deaths—Angelle Ellis, Aljadid